an introduction


So glad you found my clandestine little lair.

I’ve been sneaking around ‘under the radar’ lately, enjoying the implicit seductions of being a well-kept secret (but not exactly a kept woman). Discretion is always my priority, a virtue that serves both me and anyone in my company. While I will admit that I’m somewhat immodest with other parts of my body (ahem…), you won’t find my face anywhere on the internet, and I pride myself in my flawless impression of a young associate visiting from the Dallas office, should anyone stumble across our dinner table at a sensitive moment.

My personal background is a mix of English charm and Canadian dental care (just kidding, Brits!), French style and Irish whisky tastes. Or maybe a rare combination of over-education and under-boob. I grew up on the west coast of Canada until I did the reverse pioneer journey of my foremothers back east to attend a French language university and to regale Toronto with tales of a foreign climate that allowed for skiing in the morning and golf in the afternoon.


I’m a lady of the night, of course, but I’m also a girl of the mid-morning and afternoon: if you were ever going to find me awake at the ungodly hour of 3am I would be finishing a West Wing marathon or jet-lagged in a late-night diner with banana pancakes dreaming of Tokyo.

At this point in my life I find myself with an insatiable wanderlust and very lucky to have a platform to live out those dreams. As a companion I’ve got the unique opportunity to inspire wild adventures, but with great power comes great responsibility! I also have the daunting challenge of making your business conferences fun. Rest assured, I do not take this task lightly.

at a glance

I am:

disarming · adaptable · witty · curious · kind

5’7” · 115 · blonde · canadian · mid-twenties

I love:

travel · architecture · art · design · politics

malbec · prosecco · grapes · pain au chocolate

Le Select Bistro · Kojin · Bar Isabel · Miku