As you can probably tell, longer dates are where it's at for me.  More time together always means more enjoyment for me and my partner, so this is why I have a 2 hour minimum booking time.  It gives us the chance to settle into being together and lets the jitters melt away.  Because even I get a little nervous sometimes; I'm only human!  

If there's something you'd like to do with me but don't see it as an option here, just send me an email. 

For deposits I accept interac e-transfers and gift cards (Amazon is a dependable go-to!). 


2 hours                                                                                   1200      

3 hours:                                                                                   1700

4 hours                                                                                   2000

6 hours                                                                                   3000

Overnight                                                                             4500


fly me to you & travel together


Wether I'm in Canada or abroad, I'm always eager to take a quick flight to meet you.  I'm a travel gal who loves the bustle of international airports and the soft hum of dimmed cabin lighting, so don't be shy to ask me to join you in Singapore if I'm in Hong Kong.     

I’m an amateur photographer with an eager passport and I'd love to accompany you on a boring business trip or on a getaway we plan together. 

  • For all trips that include a significant time change, I ask that separate rooms be arranged for our first evening to better acclimatize. 
  •  I will book my flight separately and include the cost in my rate for our time together.  This is the most discreet way to get from A to B, with respect to potential international border complications. 
  • Before we depart we can meet for a coffee to finalize the details, or I will provide an address for any parcel to be mailed to me if necessary. 
  • I like a couple hours to myself before dinner to refresh, primp, and visit the gym. Thanks for understanding. 

My Travel Diary


social time only

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